What is plm?

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is a next generation software system that empowers Siber to position itself above the competition in facade industry by automating and streamlining complex business, supply chain and logistics processes.

Intuitive and user-friendly process management interface, paired with a real time and data driven reporting and notification engine ensures complete insight into the project progression. Customer facing portal provides real time project analytics and progress reports to our clients on demand at any time.

Benefits of plm

PLM helps us to always stay on top of ever-changing business environment, by providing a complete centralized data and process control solution for every part of our business. From project estimation to manufacturing, assembly and quality control, to shipping, installation, final sign off and post delivery warranty service, PLM system ensures that all the Ts are crossed and Is are dotted.

Product Management Image
Project Management

project management

  • PM Module provides unified approach for all PM related tasks within one software module. Project managers can store, share, discuss and comment on:
    1. Project Submissions
    2. Drawing Submissions
    3. Sample Submissions
    4. Site Instructions
    5. Requests for Change Orders
    6. Change Orders
    7. Request for Information
  • Jira integration takes the collaboration to the next level with feature-rich ticket management and resolution capabilities
  • Secure cloud storage integration providing a "one-click" data sharing capabilities with project stake-holders
  • Complete workflow automation using guided submissions


  • Complete factory process integration
  • Mobile optimized web application for enhanced NFC tag and QR-Code based workflows
  • User interface optimized for in-factory process flow
  • Material batch management, product stock analytics and shipment notifications
  • Quality assurance digital checklists implemented at the factory process level, ensures that only fully tested and qualified products ever leave the factory
  • Clients can follow all in-factory processes: real time production cycle, manufacturing status and logistics and shipping all in real time
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  • Complete insight on logistics and tracking for all materials and products within the current project scope
  • API level integration with all the shipping and logistics 3rd parties used by Siber Façade Group, providing real time shipment updates
  • Enhanced reporting functionality providing complete overview of the project and product status that helps to ensure on-time delivery of all products to installation site
  • Behind the scenes analysis of all material and consumables stock
  • Supplies and consumables reorder alerts and usage reporting
Logistics Image
Logistics Image


  • Optimized mobile application for use by Siber on-site staff
  • On-Site QC inspection and Issue Reporting
  • Ability to request replacement parts/glass if product gets damaged during shipping or installation
  • Jira integration provides seamless workflow experience for issues that need attention from multiple project stakeholders within the organization
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Once products are installed and singed off, we guarantee to repair or replace products within a specified period of time.

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